Saturday, April 13, 2013

The View From Saturday- Big News from the Regional Qualifier Gym Meet!

I have to admit I get a little teary eyed when these girls march in at a gym meet just thinking about where they were could be. People, they have come so very far!! And now to be getting up in front of people, much less judges and performing is just miraculous in our eyes! Today our little family traveled to Tampa for the Regional Qualifying AAU Meet for Team Florida. If you scored high enough you got selected to represent Florida at the Southern Regional AAU Championship to be held in Charleston, SC in May. Nerves were high (especially mine) but the girls really outdid themselves. They were ready and excited to show their stuff! The Doc brought his camera and got different angles this time. Due to restrictions on us overzealous parent paparazzi you aren't always allowed on the floor near the gymnasts. This way he gets different shots every meet from different views. I was a little concerned that one girl would qualify and a sister would be left out. (They compete at different levels so they are not in direct competition with each other. Mei Mei is actually a level higher than Blondie just because she started earlier.) You just never know how you're going to do in a meet and/or how the judges are going to score you. After some nailbiter moments and watching lots and lots of talented kiddos we got the news that BOTH girls had qualified! Mei Mei rocked a 9.3 on beam and a 9.4 on floor! Blondie popped a 9.4 on beam and a 9.35 on her vault for her best scores. This means that they will be part of a new team (Team Florida) and compete for our state against other states in May. Woot! So proud of both our girlies!!  Here's how today panned out. 
Blondie rocking her  fashion forward vibe as she warms up on beam.

This kid scored a 9.4 on her beam routine today!!

Blondie made the Level 2 AAU team for Florida!

Mei Mei's turn. She started on bars.

Cool air shot....stuck the landing!

This gorgeous girl has worked SO hard!

Mei Mei can focus!!

She rocked her beam routine and scored a 9.3!!

Mei Mei on floor. We laugh at the other team's coach checking her out.

Middle of Mei Mei's floor routine.

She has to hold this the proper amount of time. Whew! She remembered!

Perfect leap and stuck the landing!

Perfect ending and best floor routine EVER!

What your coach does when you score a 9.4 on floor!!!!!
Some of the Level 3 girls meeting with the judge. Mei Mei is.....short:)

Beautiful Blondie taking a chill.....

Love her face here! Mei Mei on the podium getting  2nd on Floor out of all the level 3 girls AND made the Florida AAU team  headed to Charleston!!

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