Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Favorites

     Is going Gluten Free just a fad that will pass with time like all the other diet trends? The answer to that will be determined with time, however currently it does have merit. We live in a country that is one of the world's wealthiest per capita, yet our population lives not on food, but 'food-like products' full of GMO's, chemicals, additives and processed junk. Even our 'fresh' foods are from hybrid sources bred to be disease resistant yet chocked full of antibiotics/chemicals and have become almost devoid of any nutrient value. This America is hurting our bodies, brains and our greatest resource....our children. When our son was diagnosed with Crohn's disease 2 years ago, we were also struggling with the health of 2 of our girls, so we had blood testing done on our entire family. Typically people with Crohn's have to follow a GF diet among other reductions as they learn their triggers for the disease. Through the testing, 3 of our girls AND I came back with major Gluten sensitivities. Yes, the blood test has a false positive rate BUT our numbers were so high that something had to be done. It's amazing after being GF for over 2 years now how ingesting just a little can give us a major reaction. It makes me wonder why we didn't figure it out years before, or has our wheat supply become that tainted? Hmmmmm.
   This introduces our today's 'Sunday Favorite.'  Our oldest daughter not only joined the ranks of the GF life but has a food blog where she posts new finds and recipes from all things Gluten Free. She is a wealth of information on the topic and makes delicious food all using mostly organic, non-GMO laden ingredients. So, come on over and check out Gluten Free Julie B f you are interested, have already made these dietary changes, or need to. I am so grateful that she has done this because it has taken the 'thinking' and research away for me.......she does it all for her Mom! Most of our meals come from her ideas which streamlines our meal plans by simplifying what could be a daunting task for moi. Cooking this way has become completely second nature and dare I say it.......easy! Doesn't get much better than that!

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