Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Our Easter in Pictures

Love when the Doc gets out his big whoop-de-do camera and captures family events like he did this past week at Easter. We spent the week studying the last week of Jesus then topped it off with the Good Friday service at our church. Moving and life changing. Sunday was celebrating the resurrection and then the fun began. These kids know how to party!
J plays lead electric guitar on our worship team.

J is one of the worship leaders at our church. Please note cute baby bump.....

They were literally pushing and shoving to get outside ....to grab the golden egg first!

Awwwww! So precious.

3 is the perfect age of innocence for an egg hunt!

Speed hunter.

Serious business.

And my nephew found the golden egg full of donations from the fam! Lucky boy!

A hunting we will go....

These two celebrated 56 years of marriage this Easter!

My other children always get out some kind of weapon on holidays. This time it was air soft guns.
You'll have to guess what they were shooting. You wouldn't believe it if I told you.

This my friends.....is my 4 year old. Heheheheh.

My boy and 2 of his littles. 2 day old Mollie was home having a spa day.....
The fab 5. 
This is the funniest child ever!
He is Risen!

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