Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Favorites

     Don't use your stomach as a trashcan. Sooner or later you will have to pay the pauper. Most of the time this comes in the form of premature aging, chronic disease, terminal disease, or simply living day by day never feeling 100%. The Doc and I don't want to go into the aging process knowing 'a bunch of meds in order to survive' is ahead of us. In fact, the Doc has built an entire medical practice based on Functional Medicine which includes using herbs, bioidentical hormones, and compounded medicines, replacing what your body naturally makes while healing you 'from the inside out'.
     In our house we like to think of our food as medicine. Sure we splurge now and then on treats and things off our 'food map' but 99% of the time we eat all organic/non-GMO/Gluten Free. Yes, it's hard. Yes, it can be expensive but go back to the first sentence in this post. Do you really want to be putting garbage in your gas tank? Do you really want to be sending Little Bobby to school to do great on that spelling test but you filled his bowl with sugary GMO laden corn cereal topped with BHT laced cows milk from factory cows? So many times we fill our kids plates from the latest commercials and current coupons, that we don't really read the labels to see what exactly we are feeding our families. Our brains and bodies cannot function in the long run on processed chemicals made and colored to look like 'real' food. America, I think we can do better. In fact I know we can but it takes effort.
      We have some with food specific medical issues in our house so everything that goes in our mouths has to be monitored. Since eating this way we have seen auto-immune disease both in myself and our children almost eradicated. We can't expect to think clearly, have our cells be optimal and function correctly if we are feeding them processed, chemical laden junk.
     Which brings me to today's favorite. Orlando Organics is a home delivery organic produce service. There are many in our city but this is the one we use because it came with a great reputation. And yes, you read that right. Seasonal organic produce is delivered right to your front door! Seasonal is important because this is how nature works. If your produce is available year round from the same place and source chances are it is being tampered with genetically. No thank you. Our delivery comes either weekly or bi-monthly.....or I can choose to have it as often as I wish. You can go to the website and see what the next week's delivery is ....choose the size box you want.....decide add-on's and will show up at your door the next week. Since we eat primarily vegetarian this has been a lifesaver for us as I'm not having to run around town trying to piece together all the best prices/produce myself. Love, love, love having this at my fingertips!
     One of our favorite sayings at home is, "Come Winter you will find out what you were doing all Summer." This is so true. If you don't eat correctly and take care of your body......if you don't teach your children the same it will show up sooner than later. We are determined to make our efforts count both with ourselves and our kids! Check around your city and see what's available similar to what we have found. It may be a delivery or a co-op.....but definitely worth the search! And by buying Organic you are saying NO to GMO's, pesticides, gov't run food systems and YES to sustainable farms for health!

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