Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Favorites

Today's favorite has to do with money management and a very simple tool to help you keep track of what you have and what you spend. The last few years we've seen God bless us immensely, but it has not been without hard, hard work. We are grateful and want to be as faithful as possible. Our goals are pretty simple. Live simply and way below our means, pay cash for everything, pay off any remaining old debt  FAST so we can spend more and more time on the mission field, where our passion lies.  We made a plan and it's working phenomenally but we know it only will if we are faithful stewards. We are fans of Dave Ramsey, (the guy who has made millions helping others pinch pennies),  and others like him such as Crown Ministries, etc. They are all pretty much alike and operate on the same basic principles. With the onset of smartphones the old envelope system has gone the way of the dinosaur. Enter They have a fabulous FREE app that keeps track for you (with a little set up and input from you at the beginning of each month) and it actually tracks your spending and places it into each category for you. A marvelous way to keep track of every penny including savings and investments. This is so much less work than the old cash system yet still holds you accountable down to the even sends you a weekly progress report and pie chart of where you are money wise. Some of you smarties may be able to do all this in your head. I for one cannot. These whoever -they -are app makers made this app for me. For busy on the go lifestyles it can't be beat, and you can reach your reports with the click of a finger. I am very frugal and practical so for me this has been a God-send to keep all the household spenditures in check, and not have to carry around cash or envelopes. Every purchase can be planned for using my phone AND, no more leaking dollars here and there. Everything including Starbucks stays in check. If you have little you are called to be faithful. If you have alot you are still called to be faithful. As Americans we are rich, rich, rich wether you think you are or not. Happy Budgeting! And a disclaimer......these numbers are from the website. They. Are. Not. Ours. Heh.

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