Saturday, March 30, 2013

Meet Mollie!

Party of 5!
Nothing says Easter like new life and nothing is as redemptive as a newly hatched little human. Our son and daughter in law welcomed Mollie E this past Thursday weighing in at 8 lbs. 2 oz. and 20" long. If you have read here you will know that our son is battling a crippling disease and has had a rough year including IV therapy for Crohn's disease. He has been having a rough go of it lately including having steroid shots in his back up to the day before Mollie was born. Mollie came as a surprise to them but not to God. Can you say perfect timing?  Mollie is hope, a fresh start and screams (literally..heh) the goodness of our God who doesn't forget us. What a kind God who gives us gifts in the mist of hardship. They are incredible parents and handle all this birth stuff in stride. I must the risk of her getting mad at me.....M gives birth with no drugs, not even a Tylenol. This one was FAST and I have so much respect for how she handled it all.  (Caroline, their last one was born on a couch in the waiting room. Came too fast.....uhm, yea. ) I got to be at the birth from beginning to end and believe that it adds to the incredible love and bond I feel for all our grands. This never gets old! Babies have a way of making everything right again. Enjoy the pictures of Miracle Mollie!
Only minutes old....bonding with her Daddy.
Already Mimi's girl......
Quite possible my fav pic of her so far. She was literally minutes old, already decked out and snoozin!

Happy Easter!

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