Wednesday, March 6, 2013

If You Vacuum Up Your Hamster.....

     I have been asked for an update on Snowball.....the hamster that survived the great vacuum attack of '12. Snowball is doing fabulous, although it was touch and go there for a while.....not to mention a little bloody. Oh, and did I mention that Snowball now has one eye? Only at our house. 
     Here's the story. I had asked Nature Girl to vacuum up around the hamster cages because they make such a mess and 'throw' their food. The next thing I know she was screaming and bringing me a mangled, bloody hamster that I thought for sure was a goner. (For all you visual people I had NO IDEA a hamster could bleed that much!!) She had taken Snowball out of the cage to vacuum around the cage and well.....let's just say it was the tube part of the vacuum that the little rodent took her trip in. Oy vey!  Oh, and did I mention that the Doc was out of town on a business trip??? (Of course he was.....)
     Between screaming girl and bloody hamster, I did the best I could to restore sanity and try and figure out to deal with Snowball and what I thought would be imminent death. Well, with a lot of TLC, carrots and apple slices she is better than ever today.....although..... be gross and literal....the vacuum sucked her eye out. She doesn't seem to mind though and goes about her daily business as usual.....even coming for snacks when we call her name. She stays busy on her wheel and keeping house by tidying up her nest, you know, doing all those little hamstery things hamsters do that bring joy and delight to their owners. (Just a touch of sarcasm here.) I will have to say, this is the world's best hamster in spite of what I previously thought about them. Why this hamster still likes us is beyond me. Stay tuned for the story about the day I accidentally froze the iguana......

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