Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cell Phone Dump

When I clear out my phone it's fun to look back at just what we've been up to this past week or so.   Here's some absolute randomness.....
No, this isn't a church meeting. This is our school meeting! Uhm, yea, it's incredible. 
Gym meet. Wish her birth family could see. Sigh.
Warmin' up!
Three Moms + a coach waiting for meet results. We looketh stressed...heh.
Little feet sitting on her Mimi. We are all not so patiently waiting for Baby Mollie to be born by distracting ourselves with some March Madness. Come out, Mollie!
She's absolutely not listening.
Riding through puddles. Ew.

She is Crazy! (Capital C)
 Cousins adopted from Russia and China. Be still my heart!
No caption needed. Heh.
Hard workin school Mamas.
In jammies at noon + something we never do= Spring Break
Front row seats to see Belle at Disney= *Super Happy Sigh*

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